How To Get An Avatar On Dawn Of War

If you’re looking to learn how to get an Avatar on “Dawn of War,” then read on. “Dawn of War” offers a great relic in the way of its Avatar. The “Dawn of War” Avatar of Khaine is from the Eldar God of War, which stands for ‘Bloody-handed God.’ The Avatar is an exceptional in battle tool as it reduces damage taken by your units. This great in-game enhancement and ally takes some work to build but in the end is worth the effort.

  1. To get the Avatar of Khaine in “Dawn of War” you must first build up all your units. All the race upgrades in game must be complete as well. You should be prepared to spend 1030 power points to build the Avatar. Finally, you will be required to capture a relic. Relics are unique to race and generated near the end of your races technical tree. You can only have one relic per race.
  2. Once you have established your relic and the upgrades for all races, you are ready to build the Avatar. Understand that your squad cap has to be at fifteen or below. In most cases, you will be beyond this cap. To meet the requirement, you will need to carefully kill off squads to lower your cap. When at fifteen or below you are ready. Keep in mind that the squads (units) you destroyed can be rebuilt after the Avatar is complete.
  3. To build the Avatar in "Dawn of War", head to the ‘Webway Gates’ to train units not vehicles to being the build. You will require the ‘Support portal and ‘Soul Shrine’ to initiate the build. Based on your enhancement to all races, you have all you need to begin. The Avatar is summoned/built like any other unit (if you are in game you should already know how to produce), you just require the times and skill in game to conjure the Avatar.
  4. When the build is complete, the Avatar is ready immediately for use. Add the Avatar to your units to defend or attack enemy units. The health regeneration of the Avatar will keep her on the battle field nearly flawlessly and her support to your units will make you a formidable foe.
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