How To Get Back Up In Wii Boxing

Whether you are playing alone or with a friend, it's good to learn how to get back up in Wii Boxing. Wii Boxing is one of six mini-games available on Wii Sports, the game that usually comes with your Nintendo Wii when you purchase it. Although there are five other mini-games on Wii Sports, boxing is the only game that requires a nunchuk attachment and is limited to only two players. Use these steps to learn how to get back up in Wii Boxing when your opponent knocks you down.

  1. Extend your arms and hold both the controller and nunchuk straight out in front of you.
  2. Shake both the nunchuk and controller rapidly up and down as if you were running. This will cause your player to have a much higher chance of getting up once an opponent has knocked her down. More motion leads to a higher chance of getting up.
  3. Press the "A" button and the "Z" button rapidly on your controller while continuing to shake the controller and nunchuk up and down. More button pushing leads to a higher chance of getting up once you have fallen down.
  4. Avoid going down a second time once you do get up. Each time you fall down it becomes harder to get back up. Avoid falling down by practicing dodging your opponent.


Ensure the arm strap is securely around your arm. You will be doing a lot of shaking and accidentally letting go of a Wii remote could damage both it and your surrounding environment.


Don't bang the controllers together. This can damage your Wii remotes and does not help.

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