How To Get Up From Bed For Lumbar Fracture Patient

Do you need to learn steps how to get up from bed for lumbar fracture patients? Getting out of bed if you've suffered a lumbar fracture can seem like a daunting process–what was once a simple task you probably didn't think much about may now seem like an insurmountable obstacle designed to increase your pain. Lumbar fracture patients must learn how to correctly get up from bed to prevent further injury. If you have just suffered a lumbar fracture and are in the earliest stages of recovery, it might be a good idea to have a friend or loved one nearby to help you get out of bed. Many lumbar fracture patients will also need to be sure they are wearing their doctor-prescribed brace before they attempt to get up from bed. Once you've got a friend or loved one on hand and you've put on your back brace, you can begin the slow process of getting yourself out of bed for a restroom break or take short walks to regain your strength.

Things you'll need:

  • Doctor-prescribed brace
  • Another person (nurse, friend or loved one)
  1. Roll onto your side. If you have been sleeping or resting on your back, the first step for getting up from bed with a lumbar fracture is to slowly roll onto your side facing the edge of the bed. Be sure to avoid twisting–keep your back as straight as possible.
  2. Push up into a sitting position. Once you are on your side, you will need to push carefully up onto your arms. If you are in a hospital bed, you can use the railing for extra support. If you are in a regular bed, have someone place a sturdy chair next to the bed with the back facing you. This will give you a makeshift railing to use for a boost. As you push into a sitting position, lower your legs and feet from the bed. Be careful not to lower them too far or too quickly to avoid stretching and straining your lower back muscles.
  3. Stand up slowly. Now that you are sitting up, give yourself a moment to get oriented to your position. If you're spending a great deal of time recovering from a lumbar fracture in bed, you need to be sure you aren't dizzy before you try to stand. Once you have your bearings, place one hand on the chair rail and slide your bottom forward as far as you can to the edge of the bed. When both feet are firmly on the floor, slowly begin standing up. The key with getting out of bed is to take things at a snail's pace to avoid the risk of falling. If you have a friend or loved one nearby, have them nearby in case you begin to falter. Sometimes just having someone close helps alleviate anxiety about getting up and walking.
  4. Reverse the process to get back into bed. Once you have successfully gotten up from bed, you'll need to reverse the process to get back into it. Walk to the edge of the bed, turn with your bottom facing the bed and (using the chair rail if necessary), slowly lower yourself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Begin carefully lowering yourself onto your side while raising your feet and legs. Once you are back in bed on your side, you can then roll over onto your back.


Getting Out of Bed After Surgery

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