How To Get The Best Sound From Your Car Subwoofer

You may be wondering how to get the best sound from your car subwoofer. There are many factors which effect the performance of your car's subwoofer and with a little performance tuning and a few adjustments you can drastically increase the sound from your car subwoofer. There are many things which effect the performance of your car subwoofer. The primary factors are the positioning and electrical supply going to the car subwoofer.

  1. Determine your subwoofer is correct positioned. Open your trunk and locate your car subwoofer. Ensure it is properly mounted, facing away from the car.  Your car subwoofer should not be directly against the out edge of the trunk compartment, but rather one to two feet away as to not muffle any output.
  2. Adjust the bass level. Place a CD In your stereo and turn the volume to a suitable level. Adjust the bass level on your car subwoofer little by little until it is satisfactory.
  3. Adjust the boost level. Adjust the boost level by repeating the process in step two. If your car amplifier does not have a boost level adjustment, it will have a switch to turn it on or off. Test both methods and determine which is best for your car subwoofer.
  4. Check your amplifier. Verify that your amplifier is capable of providing enough power to your car subwoofer. Purchasing a power capacitor unit to boost the power to your car subwoofer may increase performance.

Additional Tips: Your car subwoofer should always be centered between left and right. Always mount your car subwoofer and amp to prevent them from moving around while driving.

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