How To Get Better At Anal Sex

Learn how to get better at anal sex so that the both of you are actually enjoying the experience. There are many techniques to try when working on becoming better at anal sex that is why its best to find the one that will work best for you. Learning new methods or even just communicating during anal sex can bring new pleasure to you and your partner. These are some ways in which you can become better at anal sex. 

  1. The first thing to do is to remember to relax and stay calm during sex. Its important for both your partner and you to make sure that you are calm. Performing anal sex can be very painful especially if its your first time. 
  2. If your not sure about whether or not to use lubrication, then use it. There is nothing worse than performing anal sex without any kind of lubrication to make it easier on your partner. Plus using a lubricant can be highly stimulating if you use a lube that has a special feature to it. 
  3. Stimulating the area before you get started with anal sex. Nothing will turn on a partner more than having someone that can bring them pleasure just through touch. Try taking and rubbing around the area of the anus and occasionally sliding a finger or maybe depending on how intimate or to what level you are willing to take it to you might consider slight arousal using the tongue. 
  4. Once all of these steps have been completed, it is time to decide if your wanting to go with a toy, fingers, or even a penis. Either way you will enjoy the feeling and the closeness that the two of you will experience. 

Getting better at anal sex is not only something that your partner will benefit from but you will benefit from this also.  With anal sex being considered as kinky its always nice to find out if your partner is into trying something new like anal sex.  When you introduce anal sex into your sex routine your not only trying something new but opening the avenues for some other things to come into your sex life. Enjoy!

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