How To Get Better At Fake Kicking In Soccer

Many players want to know how to get better at fake kicking in soccer. After all, fake kicking in soccer can be a great asset as an offensive player, as you dribble down the field and try and score on your opponent. Here’s how to get better at fake kicking in soccer so that you can be an awesome offensive weapon.


  • Soccer ball
  1. Look in another direction. Many defensive players will be thrown if you look in one direction and then kick the soccer ball in another. Avert your eyes to another point on the field and watch the defender follow them.
  2. Shift your shoulders. Another great trick to get better at fake kicking in soccer is toss your shoulders in one direction before moving in another.
  3. Move your hips in another direction. Many defensive players are taught to watch a player's waist because unlike the head and shoulders the waist will be the true arbiter of where a player is headed. But if you quickly shift your hips one way, before moving in the other direction, the defensive player is sure to be thrown off.
  4. Step over the soccer ball. Another way to get better at fake kicking in soccer is to step toward the soccer ball like you are going to dribble or kick it, but instead actually step over the soccer ball with your lead foot, and then kick it in the other direction.
  5. Stop short on the kick. A great way to get better at faking a kick in soccer is to go through your full kicking motion like you are about to strike the soccer ball, but stop just short. This will cause the defender to react by trying to block the ball. Then simply, tap the ball, dribble around them and shoot or pass to another teammate.
  6. Practice a combination of these moves. To get better at fake kicking in soccer, continuously practice these moves until you have mastered them and can use them effectively in game play.



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