How To Get Better On Rockband Drums

Learning how to get better on Rock Band drums is something that can make the game infinitely more fun. Sometimes, though, it seems like getting better just isn't going to happen. The drums are arguably the most difficult part of the game to master, and much of that is because it requires both your hands and your feet, and requires that they both act separately of each other. Luckily for you, there are a number of things that can be done to improve your skills at banging the skins, or at least a plastic representation of them.

  1. Start with songs you know you can do. Yes, you're never going to get better if you don't challenge yourself once in a while, but you're also not going to get better if you repeatedly fail at the songs you attempt. Choose your difficulty and pick songs that fall on the easier side of the spectrum, such as those that have a "Warm Up," difficulty rating. If you repeatedly play songs that you know can complete, the easier beats will become second nature to you, which makes it easier to learn the more advanced beats.
  2. Skip the Easy difficulty setting and go right into Medium. Even someone with a basic understanding of "Rock Band" can successfully play the easier songs on medium difficulty. The easy setting is used to teach the basic mechanics of Rock Band to new players, while medium is designed to get your hands and your feet to operate independently of each other—a step that is paramount in both learning and mastering the drums.
  3. Make use of the Drum Trainer! Harmonix was nice enough to include a very in-depth drum trainer with "Rock Band 2," so use it! The drum trainer is designed to teach you different kinds of drum beats, from the commonly used to the more advanced. If you can play all of the beats in the drum trainer at 100 BPM (beats per minutes) or more, then you can handle anything Rock Band can throw at you.

When it comes down to it, making good use of the Drum Trainer that is included in "Rock Band 2" is the best way to get better at playing the drums. The best part about is that not only will it make you a better Rock Band drummer, it'll make you a better drummer in real life since it teaches you beats that the real drum players know and utilize. Once you're comfortable with your drumming skills on a certain difficulty, move up a tier and get to work on those songs—your skills suffer less of a chance of becoming stagnant if you ramp up the difficulty a bit while practicing.

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