How To Get Better At Skateboarding Fast

Practicing day in and day out without gaining any speed leaves many novice skateboarders craving to know how to get better at skateboarding fast.

  1. Improve Leg Strength. Having impeccable lower body strength increases agility and speed in skateboarding, like in most other sports. Learning how to get better at skateboarding fast requires a strong set of legs, which calls for many hours of practice. In addition to increasing lower body strength from skating only, performing a few lower body resistance exercises like squats and lunges a few times a week can also help you to gain lower body strength quicker.
  2. Use Quality Product. While ability and strength play a huge part in learning how to get better at skateboarding faster, the quality of skating equipment also plays an equal role in increasing skateboarding speed. Skateboard using quality boards appropriate for your height and weight. Additionally, check the skateboard for each ride to ensure the trucks are not rusty and the wheels are on tight. If the wheels are loose they will not spin properly, thus decreasing the maximum speed possible.
  3. Make Use of Force. Pushing against the ground gets skateboards in motion. Thanks to Newton’s third law of motion, for every force, there is an equal force in the opposite direction. So, when a skateboarder pushes against the ground, an equal force is exerted in the form of motion. In order to get better at skateboarding faster, know that the harder a skater pushes against the ground, the more acceleration or speed will be exerted on the board in return. The same goes for turning; to increase the speed of your turns while skateboarding, exert more force by leaning in the direction of the turn.
  4. Change Skateboard Wheels and Bearings. Skateboard wheels can either hinder or facilitate skateboarders when it comes to learning how to get better at skateboarding fast. If you have tried all avenues to get your board to move faster, but nothing has worked, the problem could lie within the size and softness of your skateboard’s wheels. Smaller and harder skateboard wheels are more susceptible to interference from rocks, sticks and even small inconsistencies in the ground which can easily slow down a skater's ride. Replace your current skateboard wheels with larger wheels that are at least 52 mm in size and less than 90a durometers when it comes to hardness.
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