How To Get A Better Tennis Serve

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams make it look easy, but it is important to consistently practice to learn how to get a better tennis serve. Whether you are constantly faulting or just missing the ball completely, these simple steps can help you master your serve so you will be ready to take on Roger Federer any day.

  1. Practice without a racquet. Begin practicing your toss by throwing it in the air, making sure you are throwing the ball high enough. Your toss should go straight up and fall straight down. You should also practice making the serve motions with your hands. While the ball is in the air, point at it with your finger while your hitting hand is placed behind your head. Follow through and reach to catch the ball as if you were swinging with your racquet.
  2. Relax your arm and wrist. Your wrist provides a large percentage of the accuracy and power of your swing. A relaxed wrist will snap quicker as the racquet makes contact with the ball so your serve will have more spin, power and control. If your wrist is not relaxed, it will not snap as quickly and your serve will go long.
  3. Turn your shoulder towards the service box. By lining your body up with the target, your body weight will move into the serve, increasing the power of your serve. Also, the ball will go where your shoulders tell it to go, so make sure that your shoulders are pointing towards the service box.
  4. Jump into the court while serving. A large portion of the power of your serve will actually come from your legs. As your body moves towards the ball, your swing will be faster and harder. Also, as you jump, you will be able to hit the ball at a higher height, making it easier to hit it downwards into the service box.
  5. Practice serving weekly. A tennis serve does not get better overnight. Reserve one practice each week just for serves. With each week you will find that your serve will become more powerful, more consistent and more accurate.
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