How To Get Big Erections

If you’re trying to figure out how to get big erections, you need to understand that there are only a limited number of things you can do. You were born with a certain penis size, and this is going to be a limitation. Still, there are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your equipment.

  1. Exercise and eat healthier. Your physical condition is a key when you’re trying to get big erections. If you don’t take good care of yourself physically, you may not have good circulation throughout your body, and that can make it a lot harder to get the big erections you’re after.
  2. Save your erections for the bedroom. That means you don’t need to masturbate as often, and you may even want to abstain from sex for longer periods between encounters. It’s a lot easier to get big erections when you aren’t wasting all your sexual energies pointlessly.
  3. Have sex with you on top. Many experts think that big erections are more likely if you let gravity pull more blood down into your penis. It’s definitely worth a try.
  4. Do something interesting or exciting in the bedroom. When you’re trying to get big erections, you need to remember that erection size can be related to your level of arousal. If you’re bored with your sex life, your erections might not be as firm as you would like. You can change this by throwing in something unexpected, like a strange new position, or some role-playing.



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