How To Get A Big Muscle Butt

Figuring out how to get a big muscle butt is easy. Actually being disciplined enough to develop your big muscle butt is another story. You ever wonder how those football players get big muscle butts? They work their, umm, butts off. That's how. There are a multitude of exercises to help you get that big muscle butt you're in search of, but if you don't work at it, then the only big muscle butt's you'll see will be on NFL Sunday. If you're ready to get down and really work, you'll notice your developing big muscle butt grow before your eyes. Here's how to bust your butt, to get a muscle butt. Check with the doctors to make sure it's cool to build your muscle butt.

  1. Cardio. With any real workout plan, if you're trying to shed fat, you need to incorporate a decent cardiovascular regimen into the overall plan. Doing about 30 to 45 minutes of cardio a day will cause your fat to gradually melt away. The cardio doesn't need to be too strenuous. As soon as you feel like you're beginning to lose your breath, you've reached the rate you need to be at. Oh, and just in case you haven't guessed, in order for that muscle butt to protrude through, you're going to have to drop the fat.
  2. Nutrition. You know what this is about. You have to eat right. Cut out the candy and the soda, and all the fattening stuff. Replace them with protein and vitamin rich foods.
  3. The Hipsled. Now for the fun stuff. The Hipsled develops not only your thighs and hammies, but it also whips your butt into shape literally. You lie down in the seat. Press your feet to the plate. While releasing the safety latches, push the plate upward until you fully extend your legs. Bring them back down just until you feel the strain, then push up again. Start out with light weights. Once it get's easy, you can increase the weight resistance. You'll feel it in your butt after this exercise.
  4. Squats. Every football player in the league does these babies. You put a bench bar on your back. While keeping your legs shoulder length apart, you lower your upper body towards the ground by bending your knees. It's important that your back remains straight. You'll hurt yourself otherwise. Your best bet is to have a spotter for this exercise, even after you get used to the mechanics. It's just safer that way.
  5. Lunges. This exercise is a very simple yet effective way to build that butt up. Grab two dumbells. Keep them balanced at your sides. Keep your legs shoulder length apart. Now, all you have to do is walk forward, extending your leg and bending your knee until you look like you're kneeling. Raise up and step with the alternate foot. Wash, rinse, repeat. Simple right? Remember to keep that back straight and the dumbells stationary.
  6. Don't laugh, just do it. Try the Stairmaster out. Yeah, yeah, it's a chick exercise. They do it to get their butts firm and so will you! If you do the Stairmaster on a high enough setting, you'll kill your back side as well as your legs. Just try it and see.
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