How To Get Bigger Wrists

Learning how to get bigger wrists is impossible. Your wrists are technically made out of bone, and there's no way to directly increase their size. Most arm exercises indirectly stimulate growth in the muscles around your wrist. But, that's not enough is it? You want some moves that'll directly effect the growth of the muscles around your wrists. You wont look like Popeye, but you can increase the muscle around the wrists. There are five exercises you can do to increase the muscles around your wrists. You ready to try them out? Well here they are. Here's how to get bigger wrists. Oh yeah, remember to consult a doctor before beginning an exercise program.

  1. Hammer curls. This particular maneuver is nothing more than a variation on the standard bicep curl. You know how to do a standing bicep curl right? You just grab the weights and use your bicep to pull the weight up towards your arm. Well with a hammer curl you're doing the same thing but, you have to turn the weights horizontally. You'll still be curling the weight up towards your arm, but you'll be using more of your forearm to stabilize the weight.
  2. Seated wrist roll. Sit on a weight bench and grab a weight that you can handle. Rest your forearm (bone side) on your leg with just your hand hanging over your knee. While keeping your forearm completely stationary, put the weight in your hand and roll it upwards towards your forearm. You may need to start out with a light weight. You can cause serious strain on your wrists if you do too much.
  3. Seated reverse wrist roll. This one is very similar to the regular seated wrist roll except you're flipping your forearm over. Your palm should be facing your knee when your hand dangles over your leg. Grab a weight. This time, instead of curling the weight, you be lifting your hand upward (while it's supporting the weight). You definitely need to use a lower weight until you get used to the move.
  4. Standing barbell roll. Using light weights on the barbell, hold it with your arms at full extension. Instead of curling the bar with your biceps, use your forearms and roll it upward. It's very simple to do.
  5. Standing reverse barbell roll. This is exactly the same as the standing barbell roll except for one thing. Your palms should be facing behind you. Instead of curling, you'll be attempting to lift your hands to the sky while gripping the barbell. Remember to keep the rest of your arm completely stationary.
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