How To Get Bioshock Chomper Medical Office Keys

Here are instructions for how to get Bioshock Chomper medical office keys. If you're trying to find out how to get Bioshock Chomper medical office keys, then you may be how surprised at how simple this task really is. In the original Bioshock game on the Xbox 360, you are required to have Chomper's medical office keys at one point on Level 2: Medical Pavilion. It is one of the steps that is required under the objective titled 'Finding Telekinesis.' You need Chomper's medical office keys in order to enter the 'Painless Dental' medical office in the level.

To get Bioshock Chomper medical office keys, you will need:

  • Xbox 360 console
  • Bioshock video game

How to get Bioshock Chomper medical office keys

  1. Enter Dandy Dental. Step into the office door near the reception desk then head left. Continue on through the glass door and pick up the audio diary titled 'Testing Telekinesis' which you will find right next to the door. Go left and you will find the Gatherer's Garden machine, take the Telekinesis Plasmid from it.
  2. Exit Dandy Dental. Head left after leaving, use extreme caution while turning the corridor as there is a gun turret waiting for you, it's located right through the window of the 'Painless Dental' office. Simply destroy the turret and move on down the corridor towards the office.
  3. Use your Telekinesis Plasmid. You reach the door reading Painless Dental at the end of the corridor, however, it can't be opened without Chomper's Office Key. Switch over to your Telekinesis Plasmid and use it through the broken window to pull the key off of the wall and towards you. Once obtained, collect it into your inventory.
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