How To Get Birthday Sex

There are several different ideas when it comes to how to get birthday sex. It can be just what you need to make the day even more special. If one of the attempts fails, don't give up. You can take another approach and still see if you can figure out how to get birthday sex. Remember that if all of your attempts fail, there is still a chance that she might surprise you.

  1. Find a willing partner. If you have a wife or a girlfriend, this is the person that you are going to want to learn how to get birthday sex from. If you don't have someone consistent in your life, the process is going to be a little more difficult and you might struggle if you wait until the last minute.
  2. Begin dropping hints. Knowing how to get birthday sex involves planning in advance. You may want to start mentioning that this is something that you would be interested. If you don't just want to come out and mention it, you can start saying things about getting a “special present.” You'll be able to tell if she catches the hint if she starts to say suggestive things back.
  3. Answer questions honestly. Chances are that she is going to ask you what you want for birthday. In this case she has just given you the answer for how to get birthday sex. As soon as the questions comes up be honest and just let her know that you want sex. If she says that it is already a given, you are set. You can also probably still get in another gift that you are interested in getting.
  4. Mention birthday sex in a conversation. If you think that your other attempts for how to get birthday sex are not working you may have to just bring it up in conversation. Veiled attempts are often missed. So, just come right out and let your partner know that you are interested in getting birthday sex. If nothing else has worked, this should be a sure thing.
  5. Be grateful and appreciative of your birthday celebration. You are going to be doing something to celebrate your day with a person that you care about. Be sure to thank her and let her know how much you enjoyed everything that she did to make it special. Knowing how to get birthday sex can involve making sure that the other person knows that you care.

Once you know how to get birthday sex you can count on it year after year.

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