How To Get A Black Belt In Karate

Knowing the steps to how to get a Black Belt in Karate, and following through with those steps to obtain a Black Belt in Karate are two different things. Getting a Black Belt in Karate is a long process. It'll take dedication and a focus that you may have never had to use previously. Obtaining a Black Belt in Karate means going through a myriad of rather rigorous mental and physical tests. Each test is designed to teach you an important skill. Only after you've mastered these skills can you progress closer and closer to getting that Black Belt in Karate.

  1. The belts. Most traditional Karate programs will take you through a progression of belts. You start out as a white belt. As you get better and better, you'll progress through the yellow, orange, green, blue, and brown belts. After mastering everything you need to know, you'll obtain that Black Belt in Karate. But, this isn't like some video game. It'll take real time and dedication to get that Black Belt in Karate.
  2. Progression. It takes the average Karate student about six months to progress from belt to belt. During your ascent from one belt to the next, there are a series of lessons, mental and physical that you'll learn in between belt to belt. They are known as the "Kata".
  3. Kata. Kata in essence, are level specific maneuvers that you'll learn and practice while studying how to get to the next belt. Think of it like building a house. The Kata and practice you use during your progression from white belt to yellow will be the foundation. You need a strong foundation, therefore it is of the utmost importance that you practice while at the Dojo as well as in your home. Once you've proven to your master that you've mastered said techniques and teachings, you'll be tested on them. You pass, then you get the next belt.
  4. Kihon. Your Kihon is your basic training. You learn stuff like breathing techniques, proper stretching. Things of that nature. If your Kata is the bricks for your Karate house, then your Kihon would be the mortar that holds them together.
  5. Building. As you progress, it's important to retain everything you've learned during the lower levels. Then, you add everything new you're learning on top of that. See, just like building a house.
  6. Practice and other exercise. Basketball players don't just learn to shoot the ball. They have to run laps, and exercise, and practice, and build muscle to become the complete players. The same with someone practicing Karate. You'll need to practice your butt off to learn correct stances, and balance and so forth. You'll also need to supplement your teaching with a good exercise program as well. This is the only way to become a complete student of Karate. It's the only way you can hope to climb the ladder to a Black Belt in Karate. 
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