How To Get The Blade Off A Hockey Stick

You want to know how to get the blade off a hockey stick. You broke the blade and you want to get it off. You want to replace the old blade with a new blade. Taking the blade off a hockey stick is an easy job. You can get the blade off a hockey stick in a few minutes and prepare it for a new blade. Follow the simple directions that show you how to get the blade off a hockey stick.

What You Will Need:

  • A pair of leather gloves
  • Your stove or the fire place
  1. Inspect your hockey stick to make sure you really need to change the blade. If the blade is broken or nicked up, you will have to change it. The blade and your hockey stick are glued together. You will have to melt this glue before you can remove the blade from your hockey stick.
  2. Put on a pair of leather gloves. You will be working with heat an unprotected skin may be burned. Take your hockey stick and bring it over to your stove.
  3. Turn your burner to high. You will need heat to melt the glue that holds the blade on to the hockey stick. Hold your stick over the burner to melt the glue. Make sure the blade is five to six inches away from the hot flames. The glue will melt and you will be able to pull the blade out of the hockey stick.
  4. Take the hockey stick away from the heat. Pull the hockey blade out of the stick with your leather gloves. You have finished getting a blade off a hockey stick. Now you are ready to put a new blade into your hockey stick.


  • Always wear leather gloves
  • Do not put the hockey stick too close to the burner
  • Pay attention (at all times) to what you are doing
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