How To Get The Blind Date Quest On Fable 2

As a completionist, you probably want to beat Fable 2 in every possible way you can, but one easy to miss quest might not be on your radar–luckily this guide will show you how to get the Blind Date quest in Fable 2. The Blind Date quest is an easy quest to accomplish, but you need to be in the right place at the right time for it. Make sure you are in Brightwood after the Spire so you can talk to Farmer Giles. Obviously, this quest won't be available to you, if you destroyed the farmer and his land in the Red Harvest quest, but as long as you picked the Cold Comfort Farmer quest and didn't slaughter everything that moved, you will be able to partake in this quick and easy quest for a good amount of reknown.

  1. Go forth to Brightwood. You need to find Giles and his farm. He should be located towards the western side of Brightwood. When you find him, talk to him and he will ask you for a favor. He needs his son to be married and wants you to help set him up with his future ball and chain. He will give you a glamorous photo of Rupert to show to any potential love interests.
  2. Find Rupert. The blind date bait himself will be in one of the closest fields to farmer Giles. Obviously since you agreed to set him up with the woman he is going to spend the rest of his life with, it is only fair that you find out what he is all about first! After a conversation it will be revealed that he doesn't particularly want to spend his life with a lady, as he is more inclined to enjoy the company of the male gender.
  3. Republican or democrat. Now, depending on either your character's alignment or your own political leaning, there are two ways to accomplish this quest. You can go against Rupert's wishes and set him up with a wife anyway, which will net you some evil points but also probably some donations from the right if you ever run for political office, or you can honor his wishes and find him a suitable husband. Either way, go to Bowerstone Market and begin looking for some suitors. When you find somebody who is interested, return back to the farm with the news.
  4. Harvest Moon. Regardless of what you choose, Rupert will still come out to his father either way. Luckily his dad is more understanding than a whole lot of the country and accepts his son either way. They even decide to move and sell the farm so his son can be closer to his new husband… er.. wife… er.. whichever. This gives you the delightful opportunity to buy the farm and get into the business, as well as 3500 reknown points. Not too shabby for one blind date!
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