How To Get Blood Out Of Polyester Cloth

Since blood is one of the most common stains on men clothing, every man should know how to get blood out of polyester cloth.  The best thing to do is to treat the blood stain as soon as possible; don't let it set for a long period of time.  Then, use the tips listed below to get blood out of polyester.

Materials needed:

  1. Running water
  2. Salt
  3. Enzyme based stain remover

 How to get blood out of polyester cloth:

  1.  Run under cold water.  Flip the fabric inside out and run the blood stain under cold water.  Use FULL FORCE water pressure.  This will help to push part of the stain out.
  2. Salt the stain. One of the secrets to get blood out of polyester  is to use of salt.  Simply sprinkle table salt on the stain, and then rub it in using your fingers. 
  3.  Rinse out the salt.  Again, use full force water and rinse the salt completely out of the cloth.  Gently massage the stain as you rinse.
  4.  Apply the enzyme based stain remover.  Since blood is a protein based substance, an enzyme will need to be used to effectively remove it. Saturate the material, or even soak it entirely, and allow it to soak for at least one hour.
  5.  Rinse out the material.  The last step to get blood out of polyester is to thoroughly rinse it out.  Run the fabric under cold water,  and gently rub it with your hands. 
  6.  Wash.  Now, wash the fabric in the washing machine as you normally would, but use very hot water.  Do NOT place the cloth into the dryer until you are sure that the stain in gone completely.  Once it goes into the dryer, the stain will be set forever.

As you can see, learning how to get blood out of polyester cloth is a fairly simple process.  Use these tips anytime you get blood on polyester in the future.

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