How to Get BMW Service Records

Need to know how to get BMW service records? If you are performing your own maintenance for your BMW, it is helpful to have the existing service records. Service records can be helpful in understanding what maintenance has already been done to your BMW. Service records are also helpful if you are trying to sell your BMW. Potential owners will generally pay more for a vehicle if it comes with service records. This can give a potential buyer confidence that the vehicle was properly maintained.

  1. Check the vehicle interior. Often, service records are kept inside of the vehicle. You can find them in places such as your vehicle glove box. Your windshield will also be a good place to find information, such as the last oil change date. BMW dealers will usually place a decal on your windshield indicating the last date of oil change or other vehicle service.
  2. Check inside your BMW owner’s manual. If the vehicle records are not in an obvious location, they may be hidden away. Check inside your BMW owner’s manual. Your dealer may have placed the service paperwork directly inside the owner’s manual. This can be a good place to also look for items such as the factory radio code.
  3. Call the dealer. If your vehicle records are not directly inside your vehicle, you can call the dealer. Be sure to have information such as your VIN (vehicle identification number) readily available. The dealer can either fax or email you a copy of the service records which have been recorded for your BMW.



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