How To Get A Body Like Daniel Craig

How to get a body like Daniel Craig? Total dedication. It’s not easy to get in shape if you don’t have the right diet and workout plan. Daniel Craig has shared his secrets with all his fans so they too can achieve a perfect sculpted body. Daniel Craig had to stop smoking to accomplish his rock hard body in a short matter of time. To get a body like Daniel Craig, a man must be focused and completely devoted to a healthy lifestyle. Commitment is the success to any workout plan.

To get a body like Daniel Craig, you will need:

  • Diet
  • Cardio
  • Pull-ups
  • Weight routine
  • Boxing 
  • Proper sleep
  1. Diet. How to get a body like Daniel Craig will be accomplished by eating a healthy diet. Daniel eats healthy, but doesn’t deprive himself of the foods he enjoys. He has one cheat day a week where he allows himself to indulge with food. It’s okay to cheat if you can start the next day focused and committed. On the other six days of the week eat lean meats, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits. Have carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta, bread, or rice at every meal. Stay away from sugar, alcohol, and junk food if you want the best results. They are loaded with extra calories that your body doesn’t need.
  2. Cardio. Get a body like Daniel Craig by exercising at least five days a week. One component of the routine should be cardio exercise. Run on a treadmill or in the sand on the beach. Running in the sand is very difficult and burns more calories than on a treadmill. If a man wants a body like Daniel Craig, run in the sand a couple days a week.
  3. Pull-ups.  Daniel Craig does pull-ups and back exercises that give him that chiseled, sculpted look. Do these exercises five days a week to achieve Daniel Craig’s body.
  4. Weight routine. To get a body like Daniel Craig, a weight routine will help build muscle and definition. Lift weights four days a week and increase reps and weight when they aren’t difficult anymore. Daniel’s weight routine consists of shoulder press, bench press, deadlifts, and lots of traveling squats. Do three sets of 20 reps until full weight routine is complete.
  5. Boxing. This is not a step that should be skipped if a man wants a body like Daniel Craig. Daniel took up the sport when he was training for the role of James Bond. He enjoyed it so much that he continues it today. Boxing works every muscle in the body, and burns a lot of calories. This is what gave Daniel a great upper body and washboard abs. Practice boxing for 45 minutes twice a week. Skip the cardio exercise if you chose to do boxing that day.
  6. Proper sleep. Most people will think that to get a body like Daniel Craig exercising must take place every day. To keep your body healthy, get rest and proper amounts of sleep to repair and build muscle. Take one day off a week to rejuvenate your body. This step is very important and should not be overlooked.
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