How To Get A Body Like David Beckham

How to get a body like David Beckham

How to get a body like David Beckham? Physical exercise. David Beckham is an incredible athlete and makes playing soccer look easy. To get a body like David Beckham a man will need to enjoy cardio exercise. David can credit his very lean muscular body to all the running he does on the soccer field. A man doesn’t have to play soccer all day long to achieve David Beckham’s body, but he does have to follow a couple important tips. Keep reading and learn how to get a body like David Beckham.

To get a body like David Beckham, you will need:

  • Cardio
  • Weights
  • Agility training
  • Abdominal routine         
  • Healthy diet
  1. Cardio. To get a body like David Beckham will require a man to exercise. Playing soccer would also be a great way to get a body like David, but it’s not mandatory. Exercise should consist of cardio four to five days a week. Run or jog on a treadmill for forty five minutes.
  2. Weights. Lift weights immediately after cardio routine. Keeping a fast pace in interval training is important to burning the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. Weight routine should be lunges and squats, while holding dumbbells and doing three sets of twenty. Increase weights if the weight routine starts to get to easy.
  3. Agility training. To get a body like David, a person will need to understand the importance of agility training. David does agility training every day, and that is why he has a great body. Do side crossovers (right foot shuffle over left foot for five yards, moving as fast as you can, then reverse). Weaving through cones is an agility exercise that David does. Set up ten cones in a row with some distance between them. Weave through the cones and repeat.
  4. Washboard stomach. Put down the beer if you want to achieve David Beckham’s signature washboard abs. To get David Beckham’s abs a man must watch what he eats. A diet that is low in fat and alcohol consumption is a must if you want to see those chiseled abs. No amount of sit ups or exercises will show muscle definition unless you lose the extra weight that is hiding them. The abdominal exercises should consist of core training. Balancing on a ball while doing sit ups will give the results a man wants for a washboard stomach.
  5. Diet. To get a body like David Beckham, a diet should consist of healthy lean meats, fish, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. Don't drastically cut carbohydrates when doing an extreme cardio workout. Stay away from the low carb diets when trying to get a body like David Beckham. Eat whole wheat breads and pasta to get the energy needed to power through the workouts.
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