How To Get A Body Like Gerard Butler

Figuring out how to get a body like Gerard Butler will take total determination. That’s exactly what was involved when Gerard Butler was getting ready for the movie “Spartan.” Gerard had about four months to train for the movie and it took total dedication to achieve a perfect chiseled body. To get a body like Gerard Butler a person definitely can take longer than four months to get in shape. Women totally go crazy for Gerard’s washboard abs, perfect pecks, and bulging biceps. It’s no wonder men want to know how to get a body like Gerard Butler.

To get a body like Gerard Butler, you will need:

  • Interval training
  • Healthy diet
  • Cardio routine
  1. Interval Training. To get a body like Gerard Butler a man should do interval training. Interval training is one of the fastest ways possible to see results. It’s a very intense workout and should be done with proper nutrition and adequate rest on off days of exercise to rebuild and repair muscles. There should be no rest in between pull-ups, jump roping, and deadlifts. The routine should consist of 100 repetitions, repeated twice. This routine is extremely challenging and should be done only if the person is in good health.  
  2. Diet. A persons diet is the main source of energy that is fuel for all the training and exercising. Without proper nutrition the body will break down and become fatigued.  It can also increase the risk for injury, so eat a healthy well balanced diet to get a body like Gerard Butler. Eating balanced meals that consist of whole wheat pasta, chicken, and fresh vegetables is a perfect example of what to consume when training. Don’t consume junk food, sugar, and alcohol when trying to get in good physical shape.
  3. Cardio. Getting a body like Gerard Butler will be possible with a good cardio routine. Run or jog on treadmill five days a week for optimal results. Run for an hour at each workout session. Gerard Butler enjoys running outside this is also an option if you don’t have a treadmill. Cardio exercise will burn calories and give a person endurance to get through workouts.


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