How To Get A Body Like Mario Lopez

If you want to know how to get a body like Mario Lopez, there are many rules you should adapt into your lifestyle. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and physical effort to achieve a toned, sexy body. However, if you manage to incorporate the following routines into your daily life, the results will most certainly come naturally, all while making you feel great and more energetic in the process.

To get a body like Mario Lopez, you will need:

  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet
  • Dietary supplement
  1. Obey the rules of dieting. It can be very tough to incorporate a healthy diet when you are constantly surrounded by temptations. However, the more you follow through, the better you will feel over time as your body learns a new, healthier habit of eating and implements it as a way of life. Food is essentially an addiction, and just like smoking, you would have to cut back slowly until your stomach learns to get full faster while always going for healthier food choices.
  2. Make your workout a common routine. To get a body like Mario Lopez, you would further need to create and stick to a strenuous workout. The specific type of workout sessions may vary, but ensure you workout at anywhere from three to five times a week. Your workout sessions should combine an hour of strength training-this includes abs, biceps, triceps, legs and back, as well as moderate interval sessions at least twice per week.
  3. Feed your muscles with a dietary supplement. You can most certainly get a body like Mario Lopez without the need for any kind of supplement, but having such a product along with your weekly exercises is highly recommended. These can help your muscles heal a lot faster and give them more mass, which you would ultimately convert into more muscle for a leaner, sexier body. Along with your dietary supplement, consume at least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water to further compliment your muscle composition.
  4. Eat frequently throughout the day. Instead of filling your stomach twice daily and end up feeling bloated, switch to smaller portions five to six times daily. The feeling you should have is a mixture of hunger and slight satisfaction, as your body would be asking for more food to digest without necessarily making you feel weak. To get a body like Mario Lopez, have breakfast early in the morning, a snack two hours later, have a well balanced lunch with plenty of fiber and proteins, another light sack mid afternoon, followed by a healthy dinner. If you get hungry again, follow up with a glass of milk or even a banana, as these will generally make you feel full easily.
  5. Remember to reward yourself at least once a month with the foods you sacrifice during your workout periods. Part of achieving a good workout is not only about physical effort, but psychological as well due to constant temptations lurking around the corner. Follow these guidelines to get a body like Mario Lopez.


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