How To Get A Body Like Matthew McConaughey

Want to know how to get a body like Matthew McConaughey? His workout routine is pretty consistent, which means that he is concerned about his body even when he’s not getting ready for the big screen.  Keeping in shape is important to Matthew, and you can tell just by looking at him. Women seem to love his free spirit, charming personality, and chiseled body. Get a body like Matthew McConaughey by following his diet and workout routine.

To get a body like Matthew McConaughey, you will need:

  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Perfect abs
  • Bronzed body
  • Practice yoga
  1. Diet. To get a body like Matthew McConaughey a man will need to eat a healthy balanced diet. Eat whole foods, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits at least 4 times a day. Matthew loves to eat fish and chicken as much as possible. Eat red meat sparingly and stay away from high calorie foods that don’t have much nutritional value. Drink alcohol in moderation and stick to portion control when eating and drinking. Moderation is the key to success for long term fitness goals.
  2. Exercise. Exercising is a critical part to achieving Matthew McConaughey’s body. Three days a week lifting weights and cardio is a must to get best results. Cardio should consist of jogging or running for one hour followed by weight training. Matthew also does outdoor activities that help him stay in great shape. Surfing and swimming are one of his favorite outdoor hobbies. He also enjoys hiking and biking when he has free time.
  3. Perfect abs. To get a body like Matthew McConaughey a man needs to do sit-ups, and plenty of them. The one exercise that he does every day without fail is sit-ups. Matthew does a total of three hundred. He does sets of 100 three times and finishes with stretching.
  4. Yoga. Believe it or not, Matthew does practice yoga to stay lean and limber. It also helps him to stay centered and calm.
  5. Bronzed body. To get a body like Matthew McConaughey a man needs to look like he just got back from the beach. Matthew always has a sun kissed glow.
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