How To Get A Body Like Will Smith

A lot of men would love to learn how to get a body like Will Smith. Will Smith is the man many of us remember from a certain classic TV sitcom. He was only playing a teenager then; now he is a bit older but is still looking awesome! How does he do it? Well, read here for a few tips on getting a body like Will Smith.

To get a body like Will Smith, you may need:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Weight-lifting equipment
  • The discipline and time to run
  1. Part of Will Smith's exercise regimen includes weight training quite a few days a week. He focuses on one or two body parts at a time, doing specific exercises to target those areas.
  2. To get his coveted Will Smith body, he also boxed a couple times a week. Boxing is a nice all-around workout that will help keep your body trim and lean while building endurance.
  3. Will Smith runs about five or six miles nearly every day of the week to get his muscular body. Will Smith trained to get his body fat from the twelve percent it started off at to the seven-and-a-half percent it became after doing this exercise routine.

It helps a lot that Will Smith has a personal trainer who helps him stay motivated and on track to reach his fitness goals for the movies he is in and keep his body in awesome shape. Will Smith also stays on a high-protein diet of chicken and fish and lots of carbohydrates, since muscles are pushed to the max when working out and need to be refueled. Since the majority of us can't hire a personal trainer, it is important to build an exercise routine and stick with it if you want to get a body like Will Smith.


Men's Health Magazine

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