How To Get A Body Like Zac Efron

Many men would love to learn how to get a body like Zac Efron's. Zac Efron is trimmed, toned and muscular. Plus, he has a great six-pack. How does he manage to do it? Here are a few things he does to stay fit and in shape:

Things you'll need:

  • Different exercise regimes
  • Surf board for surfing (or simulated surfing)
  • Basketball
  1. Mixing it up Zac Efron never does the same workout. He plays different sports, does cardio and weight lifting. He mixing the exercises up to make his body not know what to expect. It seems to work. We've never seen him with gut.
  2. Surfing isn't just for fun One of the exercises Zac Efron does to keep his body in shape is surfing.  Surfing takes a lot of strength. You are pushing your body to stay on a board and maintain your balance so you don't fall in to the wave.
  3. Shoot hoops Basketball is another sport Zac Efron plays to keep his body in shape. There is loads of cardio exercise involved in basketball. You burn calories like crazy. 

Clearly, Zac Efron's exercise regime works well since it make some men wish they could get a body like his. It takes work, but exercise can be fun, too.



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