How to Get Brad Pitt’s Style

Any guy who’s wondered how to attract the most women in the least amount of time would do well to consider how to get Brad Pitt’s style. The sexy, confident, laid-back look that he presents drives the ladies wild. The laundry list of babes hoping to take Angelina’s spot could be yours, after a few simple makeover moves. Supply your wardrobe with these basics, to start:

  • Newsboy Caps
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Egyptian-cotton T-shirts (No logos)
  • Long-sleeve, V-neck Jersey Tops
  • Wing-collar Dress Shirts
  • Cargo Shorts and Pants
  • Peak-lapel Suits
  • Brown Leather Slip-on Shoes
  1. Lose the colors and patterns. On the days you plan to rock Brad Pitt’s style, lose the colors and patterns. For the most part, his main shades, from T-shirts to suits, are solid white/cream/beige, grey and black. Neutral tones guarantee you won’t block any chick-action because you’re wearing her least-favorite color.
  2. Keep it monochrome. The smoothest Brad Pitt trademark is his penchant for wearing head-to-toe gear of one color (and its various hues). For example, a white or cream hat with a white, collared shirt over a white T-shirt with white or cream cargo shorts and white sneakers. Or a black suit with a black shirt by itself or coupled with a black tie. Suave doesn’t get any simpler than this.
  3. The right fabric is key. The most subliminal elements that draw women to Brad Pitt’s look are the lightweight, flowing quality of the clothes he wears. The T-shirts, long and short sleeve, aren’t stiff and boxy, but cling in a form-fitting way without being too tight. The right Egyptian-cotton tops will accent your body in the same manner, giving the ladies a hint of what you’re working with. A soft-linen ensemble would also do the trick.
  4. Tailor your formal wear. No matter where you buy your tux, suits and dress shirts, have some, if not all, tailored by a professional. Nothing says Brad Pitt style like a European look. Fitted is the way to go. It’s all about the cut, when it comes to getting the ladies to look your way.
  5. Gotta have the hat. This makeover mission demands that your wardrobe include two hat accessories worn by Brad Pitt that often show up in photos of the star when he’s out and about—the newsboy cap and a fedora. Of course, the color will match the rest of your outfit.
  6. Sunglasses are a must. Getting Brad Pitt’s style wouldn’t be possible without incorporating dark sunglasses—a staple of the celebrity look. He’s been photographed wearing a variety of brown-tint, high-end designer frames. However much you pay for yours, make sure they match this aesthetic.
  7. The right leather jacket. Couple a pair of jeans with a leather bomber jacket—he coolest Brad Pitt look for enhancing your animal magnetism.
  8. Hair (optional). For those willing to take it to the limit, get a mane to match one of his latest cuts—a hairstyle that’s short on the back and sides and medium-length on top, which is where the action takes place. Add complimentary, blonde highlights as he does or whatever works best with your personal hair color. Don’t forget to use a styling product to give it that spiky, tousled effect. Also, consider sporting a full goatee, another Brad Pitt icon. Grunge equals girls.

That’s a wrap, as they say in the 'biz. Cut to you and your new leading lady.

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