How To Get Break Up Sex

Figuring out how to get break up sex all depends on how well you can play on your ex’s lingering emotions for you. For many couples, breaking up does not mean the end of the road. No, lots of people have gone back to their former flames after a break up just for the sex. Well, how does this happen? Look at it this way. It takes a lot for to people to want to come together and share a life. It’s impossible for a break up to eradicate all the feelings that two people have for one another, at least during the early goings of a break up. It’s the proper manipulation of her lingering feelings for you that’ll get you some good break up sex. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Give her time to cool. Trying to get break up sex two hours after the break up may be a little soon. You have to allow the break up to run its proper course. Generally, break ups are characterized by a succession of anger, then sorrow, then a period of realization, before finally getting over your ex. You want to catch her during that time between anger and sorrow. This is the time when people actually consider getting back with their ex. They start to remember the good times, the fun, the travel, most importantly the sex. You need to get at her when she’s reminiscing about you two. You’ll know when she’s at this point because she’ll talk to you. Be it reluctantly, but she’ll still talk.
  2. Get around her. The only way to get any break up sex is to get close to her. Tell her you need to speak to her. Don’t hint at any break up sex or anything like that. Just tell her that you need to speak with her in person. It may take some persuasion, but eventually you should be able to get her to entertain your request.
  3. Her sense of smell. Your sense of smell is strongly tied into your memory. So is hers. So, wear a cologne that reminds her of a good time you had, preferably a sexual experience. When you go to see her, the smell will jog her memory very quickly.
  4. Let her see you. Don’t go over there looking all broke down and sad. Wear something that’ll remind her of why she was attracted to you in the first place. Wear what you wore on your first date, or even the day you guys first made love. Anything that gets her to look at you in a favorable light is acceptable.
  5. It’s all in the words. Finally, make sure your mouth piece is on tight. You have to be smoother than you’ve ever been before. Tell her what she needs to hear. You don’t necessarily have to sound like some mid 1990’s love song, but let her know that your heart still beats for her. If you do all these things correctly, there’s a good chance you’ll get some break up sex. Hell, you may even rekindle the relationship.
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