How To Get A California Tax Refund IOU

How to get a California tax refund IOU is perhaps one of the most popular questions nowadays. There are many who are looking forward to getting their money as soon as possible. The California tax refund used to be in the form of check-to-cash-out from any bank or a direct deposit of the amount into a bank account.

  1. Hire a professional to help you in preparing for the filing of the tax refund such as an accountant or a tax professional. Their services can help hasten the processing of the tax refund. They are more competent in the preparation of the necessary documents for tax refund request. Proper and timely submission of the requirements will help in the smooth facilitation of the request for the California tax refund.
  2. Make use of your internet connection. Another faster, easier and more convenient way to apply for a tax refund is by using the application online. However, you would need to watch out for some loopholes like spelling errors or typo errors. You should always check these to ensure that you provide the correct information. Make sure to provide the correct mailing address in case you opt for paper checks for your California tax refund.
  3. Prepare the vital information, then double check and avoid the common errors. If you want to have the tax refund directly put into your bank, prepare your bank account number and routing number and provide its type: whether savings or checking account. Keep in hand the common information such as zip code, tax amount, correct address and your social security number relative to filing your information data.
  4. Make your choice on the refund method you prefer. You may agree either to have the amount directly deposited into your account or to get a paper check through email. Some banks refuse to accept the unusual California tax refund slips, though, but there are some local unions accepting the latter but with interest rate to pay.  
  5. Check refund status. In case you have not received your California tax refund in a week, you should check its status through the State of California Franchise Tax Board's Refund Status website.



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