How To Get A Career In Travel

Is your first name “Wander Lust,” and have you been wondering how to get a career in travel? Everyone should be able to do what they are passionate about. However, learning how to get a career in travel can be complicated and requires much knowledge and logistical skills. Do you have the inclination to deal with changing schedules and preposterous agendas? Do you want to confine your career in travel to just the states, or do you wish to travel to other countries? Regardless, you need to educate yourself on passports and visas, as well as a myriad of money exchanges, customs guidelines and vaccinations. Nevertheless, where there is a will, there is a career in travel. Do what you love! Here are a few hints to send you on your way.

What you will need:

  • Internet
  • Library
  • Vehicle
  • Telephone
  1. Learn the trade. Learning how to get a career in travel is only a click away. Search the popular search engines. There is a wealth of information on the internet for anyone who wants to make traveling across the world their career. Read travel and road blogs from those who have “traveled” before you. Subscribe to travel magazines. Hit the library and read until your eyes bleed on how to get a career in travel.
  2. Contact travel agents. These people have the travel world readily available. They are in touch with other agents who know traveling groups, shows and businesses. They can suggest a tourism business, vacation and trade agendas.
  3. Pump them for information. Again, get to know travel agents. These folks are a great source of information. They can provide personal, accurate recommendations. In addition to the packaged deals they are privy to, they have the inside track on the quality destinations, activities, hotels and resorts to visit. This will come in handy after to learn how to get a career in travel.
  4. Take a travel and tourism class. There are classes that will help you secure your dreams of learning how to get a travel career. Many companies do not require a degree in travel and tourism, but some do prefer it as it shows that you want to continue your education by keeping up with the latest in travel. Take vocational career travel classes. Additionally, if you are bilingual, that is a gigantic boost toward your goal to have a career in travel, as well as how well it will look on your resume.
  5. Become an airline pilot/steward. If you love to fly, becoming an airline pilot is a career in travel that lends itself to all sorts of wonderful adventures. However, you are on someone else’s travel schedule so it is not the ideal travel career, but it can be quite a lucrative career and extremely rewarding for those who like to “bump and run.” A steward lends itself to just as much travel, but there is not as much money, and you will be subjected to the same hectic schedule.
  6. Cruise ship crew member. Working aboard a cruise ship will allow you to sail to Mexico, Alaska, the South Pacific, as well as hundreds of other ports of call. It hardly seems fair that you would collect a paycheck to see all of these magnificent places. The cash is great, and it sure beats a humdrum landlubber’s job. It would be hard to find a better career in travel than this.
  7. Naval air reservist. It’s a commitment, but few people would be able to boast that they hitched a ride all over the world in a military aircraft, plus made an excellent wage doing it. It involves many official and unofficial travel destinations. Depending on your education, skills and ambition, a career in travel in the military has virtually unlimited travel opportunities…all compliments of Uncle Sam.
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