How To Get Cat Spray Out Of A Sleeping Bag

Learning how to get cat spray out of a sleeping bag can be essential for cat owners. It's common for cats to spray on sleeping bags, making it useful to know how to get cat spray out of a sleeping bag. Several methods exist, however there is only one proper way to learn how to get cat spray out of a sleeping bag. Many people simply throw out their sleeping bags if they get cat spray on them, but that is not always necessary. Removing the actual spray from the sleeping bag is the first step. Second, the odor of the cat spray needs to be neutralized.

Things you'll need:

  • Bathtub
  • White vinegar
  • Pet deodorizer
  • Commercial dry (laundromat)
  1. Prepare sleeping bag. Take the sleeping bag out of the case and place it in the bathtub. Open the sleeping bag and attempt to locate the cat spray.
  2. Prepare cleaning solution. Mix about one quart of warm water with a half cup of white vinegar. Place the cleaning solution into a spray bottle.
  3. Apply cleaning solution. Spray the stains with the cleaning solution prepared in step two. Spray any visible stains on the sleeping bag. Also spray around the stains as well, about an inch on each side to ensure they are covered.
  4. Wait for cleaning solution. Place a towel over the stains on the sleeping bag once the cleaning spray has been applied. Sit a heavy object on top of each towel. Wait about two hours for the spray to be removed from the sleeping bag.
  5. Rinse sleeping bag. Remove the towels from the sleeping bag. Fill the bathtub with warm water and soak the sleeping bag. Knead the sleeping bag through the water. Drain the tub and fill it with cold water. Repeat the cold water rinse three times.
  6. Remove the sleeping bag. Roll the sleeping bag shut gently and allow the excess water to come out of the sleeping bag. Do not wring out the sleeping bag or lift it until the bag is rolled up. Place the sleeping back in a pillowcase or a clothes basket.
  7. Dry the sleeping bag. Take the sleeping back to a local laundromat. Dry the sleeping bag on tumble dry with medium-low heat for about two to three hours. Only use a commercial dryer and avoid air drying or home drying machines.
  8. Deodorize if necessary. Purchase a pet deodorizing product specifically made for cat urine from a local pet store. Apply a small amount to the sleeping bag once it has dried. Allow the solution to dry into the sleeping bag and reapply as necessary.


  • Scrubbing the affected areas with baking soda is also a commonly used home remedy for removing cat spray.
  • Do not use strong detergents or chemicals on the sleeping bag.
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