How To Get A Catering License

Need to know how to get a catering license? If a person wants to make a living by sharing their love of food with the world, they need to obtain a catering license first.  The process may seem tedious at first.  Although many catering businesses may operate without a license, it can help in the end when it comes to getting large clients.  Although having a license is not necessary in all states, it helps when it comes to getting larger clients.  It is also one of the best forms of advertising as it lets the client, as well as any prospects, know that a catering business is legitimate in every aspect.  This mostly entails food handling and preparation, hygiene.

  1. Decide first what services the catering business will offer such as mobile services or private events only.  Most start small in their home kitchens and eventually move up to rented kitchens that are designed to accommodate cooking for large parties.
  2. Contact your local government agency and inquire about obtaining a catering license.  Since every state has different requirements as well as different departments to handle different aspects of a business, this is the first place anyone should start to find out what they need to the licensing process started.
  3. Complete application and pay fees promptly.  It is also wise to make copies of not only the completed application (or if online, print an extra copy), but all related paperwork such as a food handler certification, food permits, etc.

Anyone looking to work with large commercial accounts such as major airlines, movie and television studios or in a retail partnership will most likely have to apply and pay for many licenses and permits in order to be in operation.

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