How To Get Classic Hollywood Style

If you want to look your best no matter the season, you may want to learn how to get classic Hollywood style. A lot of today's fashion trends are based on the prevailing tastes of old, so knowing how to get Hollywood style will ensure that your look will never go out of style. Reinvent your wardrobe around these tips and you'll be able to carry yourself with confidence.

  1. Decide what style you're going for. This may sound rudimentary, but before you start building your new Hollywood style, you should think about what style you want to change to. In other words, what clothing do you feel comfortable and confident in? If you like to wear more relaxed clothes, there's no reason to start wearing suits all the time. Furthermore, if you like to tuck in your shirt while matching your shoes to your belt, don't invest in a bunch of T-shirts and jeans. You need to feel good in what you wear, otherwise your new look will come off as completely awkward, no matter how nice the clothes actually are. While basic, this is possibly the most important step in working towards how to get classic Hollywood style.
  2. Watch classic Hollywood films. Any complicated undertaking requires research, especially learning how to get classic Hollywood style. Watching older Hollywood movies will give you an idea as to how the stars used to dress. Pay close attention to how the actors dress and carry themselves in what they wear. Once again, there is a classic Hollywood style catered towards whatever type of clothing you feel the most relaxed in. For every Sean Connery and Cary Grant there was a James Dean and Steve McQueen.
  3. Invest in established brands. Many of the world's most famous designers tailored clothes specially for the Hollywood legends of old, and have used these experiences as inspiration for past and current lines. To fully understand how to get classic Hollywood style, be sure to look to major designers. These brands will not only well-established within the American psyche, but will have already lent their hands in crafting classic Hollywood style.
  4. Keep abreast of current fashion trends. As mentioned previously, many current fashion trends are based on the styles established by classic Hollywood. By comparing what's going on the runways to what you've seen in classic films, you can get a better understanding to what designers are shaping their clothes to fit the mold of old silver screen fashion and further learn how to get classic Hollywood style.

Knowing how to get classic Hollywood style will not only improve you wardrobe, but also make a definite positive impact on your self-confidence. Watch some classic films, research some established brands and get ready to dress like a star.

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