How To Get A Close Shave Under Your Arms

You may think under-arm shaving is just for the ladies, but sometimes a man's got to do a little grooming there, too, so it's worth learning how to get a close shave under your arms. Even though women didn't even shave their under arms until the turn of the century, maybe you're a swimmer or your girlfriend prefers the "clean shaven" look…everywhere. Either way, it's not as difficult as it sounds:

  1. If you've never shaved under your arms or it's been a long time and your hair is, well, long, consider using a pair of clippers on a low setting or an electric razor to trim them down. You don't want to completely clog your razor in the shower.
  2. Get in the shower, turn the dial to warm and give yourself some time to lather up. The steam will open your pores a little, in turn loosening those hair follicles. This same principle applies to any sort of shaving.
  3. Lather up. Don't cheap out and use bar soap; buy a decent can of shave gel that's moisturizing. Apply an adequate amount of cream under each arm.
  4. Hold your razor firmly and make a few strokes from top to bottom of your under arm area. Then reverse your stroke, from bottom to top. Now try a few diagonal strokes. It sounds crazy, but it's difficult to get a clean shave under your arms due to the curvature of your pits. By shaving from several directions, you're more likely to get each and every bit of stubble.
  5. Needless to say, you should rinse thoroughly and inspect your pits for any hair you might have missed. Try to shave under your arms at least every other day to keep ingrown hairs at bay.



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