How To Get Into Clubs

So you wanna know how to get into clubs? Because…inside the club, there’s a rager. Outside, there’s a line of anxious party-hopefuls and only a chosen few get ushered past the discerning doorman. But, there are tricks to getting into exclusive venues—you just have to know how.

  1. Dress the part “Stylish and proper” usually does the trick. If there are velvet ropes outside, the bouncers aren’t going to want scuffed sneakers and worn T-shirts inside. Shine those shoes and press that shirt. Dress as if you were going on a first date with a Parisian runway model.
  2. Go early. Generally, nightclub lines are shorter and door policies are more relaxed between 9 and 10 p.m. This is because the club is not yet at capacity, and the bar still needs to make money. Sure, the party won’t really get going until after 11 p.m., but waiting inside the club listening to music is much better than waiting outside in the dark.
  3. Bring girls. It’s practically the golden rule of clubbing: A mixed group of guys and girls is much more likely to get in a club than a group of guys. Generally, a ratio of 5 girls to 2 guys works. If you don’t have any honeys to bring with you, charm a few standing in line and convince them to take you inside with them.
  4. Buy a table. Money talks. It’s part of the host’s job to generate as much revenue for the club as possible. If you roll up, state you’re willing to buy a table for yourself and four friends and whip out your credit card, you can expect to be ushered right inside.
  5. If bottle service isn’t in your budget, walk up solo and tell the bouncer your friend has a tab or a table inside. There’s a possibility that bluffing will work in this case.
  6. Go on off nights. Start going to the club you’re targeting between Monday and Thursday. Get to know the bartenders, the hosts, and the bouncers. Before long, you’ll be seen as a regular, and getting in on Fridays and Saturdays won’t be a problem. Bouncers are more likely to let in a recognizable face.
  7.  Sign up for a promoter’s email list. There are promoters in every city whose job it is to draw crowds at clubs. All of them have email lists. Ask an acquaintance for a hook up, check out club websites, and pay attention to any fliers you’re handed. Get the name of the person responsible for throwing the weekend parties and email them. If you’re on a list, you’re more likely to get in.
  8. Once you’re inside, work the crowd. Making a name for yourself in the club scene is much like networking for a job. Talk to as many people as you can, from the coat check girl to the guy who keeps buying rounds to the promoter who organized the event. The more people you know, the more party opportunities there will be.
  9. Become a promoter. Clubs are constantly looking for people to pack their dance floors. Check job websites for promoter want-ads, or contact the club directly to see if they are any opportunities to throw parties of your own.
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