How To Get Coworkers To Do Their Job

Want to learn about how to get coworkers to do their jobs? Your work ethic is not always shared by your coworkers and if you aren't one of the managers of your office, you may feel like you have no say in how or when they get their work done. But if you follow some fun motivational techniques, you may end up spurring your coworkers to achieve levels of productivity your mangers never dreamed of.

  1. Make it a friendly competition. If you and your coworkers have similar work to complete, you can always make a friendly competitive game out of it. Challenge your coworkers to meet a certain production goal and let them have bragging rights if they achieve it. Remember, this should be fun so be sure to encourage and exhibit only friendly competitive practices.
  2. Give positive feedback. When your coworkers do their job and do it well, be sure to give them some positive feedback. They may not be getting enough from management and your kind words could make all the difference in their productivity.
  3. Tell them what they are good at. Try to point out to your coworkers which particular tasks they excel at. Showing them that you have recognized their overall value to the company because of their specific talents can motivate them to be more productive and help them take pride in their work.
  4. Ask them to partner up with you on a project. Sometimes, personal responsibility is not a strong trait in coworkers. But when they are jointly responsible for a task, they feel more obligated to completing it. if you think this approach could work for your coworkers, ask management if it is a possibility. Be sure not to allow your coworkers to use this as an excuse to allow you to do their job.
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