How To Get CPR Instructor Certification

Knowing how to get CPR Instructor certification is quite simple and straightforward. As a certified CPR Instructor you can teach classes in CPR. Most instructor certifications are valid for about two years. In order to maintain your CPR Instructor certification, you have to renew your certification with a reduced-rate re-certification in most instances.

Things you'll need:

  • CPR certification
  • Completion of CPR instructor training program
  1. To become certified as a CPR Instructor, you must choose your certification program. In the United States there are several options, such as the American Red Cross, American Heart Association or American Safety and Health Institute. Often, local organizations can offer CPR certification, but may not offer instructor certification, so if the price seems cheap, it is best to check what you will be getting certified as.
  2. If you are not already certified in CPR, you may need to be in order to become certified as an instructor. Local organizations, such as fire departments or hospitals, may offer CPR certification or will at least be able to direct you to where you can become certified in CPR.
  3. Depending on the program for CPR instructor certification, you will be required to participate in a training program. In some programs, the cost of the certification and training can be waived if you agree to perform a minimum number of volunteer hours for that organization during your first year as a certified CPR instructor. If you fail to complete the minimum number of volunteer hours, you will be required to pay for the initial training and certification.
  4. If you fail to complete certain portions of the CPR Instructor certification training, you will not be permitted to pass. Depending on the organization, you may have to retake portions of the training if you do not perform well.
  5. Most organizations require that, once certified as a CPR Instructor, you be supervised in your initial class or classes. They may require this before awarding you your official certificate in CPR instruction.
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