How To Get Daedric Armor In Oblivion

Like everyone who plays the Elder Scrolls IV, you want to know how to get Daedric Armor in Oblivion. Daedric Armor in Oblivion is like cake to a fat kid: precious and oh-so-enjoyable once you get it. If you want Daedric Armor in Oblivion and you want it fast, then follow the steps below to be donning the most expensive and rare armor in all of Tamriel.

  1. Start a game of Oblivion. In order to get Daedric Armor in Oblivion you need to start up a game. Granted, if you already have an existing file it's okay to use that one. It would also help to have a character adapted to wearing heavy armor.
  2. Reach level twenty. The pieces of Daedric Armor in Oblivion begin to appear around Cyrodiil once your character becomes level twenty. You will see people with Daedric Armor in Oblivion, but they will not be able to be equipped until the twentieth level. As the game progresses you will gain the ability to see different types of armor (i.e. Ebony at level fifteen and Orcish at level ten), although not necessarily the ability to don them.
  3. Get the armor. There are a variety of ways to get Daedric Armor in Oblivion. In fact, once you hit level twenty, high ranking Dremora will begin to don Daedric Armor in Oblivion, as well as a host of other enemies around the Oblivion gates. Many quest characters such as Mazoga the Orc can be killed for their Daedric sets. Be warned: you will fail her quest, have a bounty on your head, and won't be able to complete subsequent quests in her line. Rigmor at the Roxey Inn will also wear Daedric Armor in Oblivion at higher levels.
  4. Enchant the armor! Come on, what's the point of Daedric Armor in Oblivion if you don't get cool effects added on to it? When you close Oblivion gates in the Elder Scrolls IV you'll get sigil stones which can be used to enchant your Daedric pieces with whatever you'd like. Cool, huh?

Daedric Armor in Oblivion is the coolest thing you can possess in the game. It will begin to appear at level twenty and can be enhanced with complementary weapons (also found at higher levels), enchantments, and a high Heavy Armor skill. Good luck adventurer, and may the Nine Devines guide your path!

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