How To Get Darth Revan Robes In KOTOR

If you’re wondering how to get Darth Revan robes in KOTOR, it’s easy if you meet both of the requirements for them. The only downside is that you’ll only be able to flaunt your stylish Sith lord robes for a small portion of the game. That’s because they’re only available when you’re near the end of KOTOR on board the Star Forge. The bonuses that you get from them are worth the wait though. 

  1. Load up on computer spikes. Loot, buy spikes and ask T3-M4 to make them for you throughout KOTOR. Be stingy with them. Having someone with a high Computer Use skill in your party helps with this since it lowers the number of spikes required for performing certain tasks. You need to have somewhere around 80 spikes to get Darth Revan’s robes.
  2. Let the hate flow. Do as many evil deeds as possible in KOTOR to make sure that your dark side alignment is high enough that the Darth Revan robes are available to you. If you’re light side, you’ll get the cream-colored Star Forge robes instead. They don’t look as cool as the Revan robes, but they do add a +5 to Wisdom and a +2 to all saves, as well as a +5 defense bonus. If you’re neutral, you won’t be able to wear either set of robes.  
  3. Hack away. When you enter Deck Two of the Star Forge near the end of KOTOR, turn your character to the left and fight your way over to the computer room located towards the end of the hall. If you see turrets and an elevator coming up, you’re going the wrong way. Go over to a computer terminal and hack your way into it. Select the option to make a custom set of robes. If your alignment is at least 75% dark side, Darth Revan’s robes should appear in the replicator bin. 
  4. Flex those muscles. Walk over to the bin to pick up your robes. Go to your Character Equip screen to switch your clothing. The Darth Revan robes give you a +4 Strength, a regeneration of +1 and a defense bonus of +5. These bonuses will help you get through the rest of KOTOR.
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