How To Get Data From Excel Sheet To Textbox

If you want to learn about how to get data from an Excel Spreadsheet into a text file, you need to learn about exporting data in Excel. There are a few different ways to export excel data, but the easiest way to export data is to simply save the Excel spreadsheet as a text file. Follow the instructions below to learn how to export data from excel by saving the data as a text file. Note: all Excel formats are not compatible with all text files. Go to to determine compatibility.

In order to learn about how to export data from excel into a text file, you will need the following:

  • A computer
  • Excel
  • Windows XP (the exporting process is different on windows vista)
  1. Open Excel. Open the document in Excel that you wish to export to a text file. Click on the Microsoft Office Icon. You will see an options menu, select "Save as." Make sure that you hit "Save as" and not "save." The save option will just save the document in its current format.
  2. Save the Document as a text file. You should see the "Save as" dialog box. From the drop-down menu select txt. You can also type in the file extension on your own, if you prefer. Just type txt. Now click save.
  3. Make sure you are exporting the correct document. Another A dialog box will appear after the first time you hit "save." This box will want you to confirm that you are indeed saving the current worksheet in excel to a new text file. Note: Your excel spreadsheet will not be changed, you are just creating a second document.
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