How To Get Into David Lynch Movies

Getting into David Lynch movies doesn't have to be as scary as some of the hype out there might lead you to believe. The best way to do it is to work your way from relatively normal films to his most bizarre work systematically.

  • "Mulholland Drive."  This dark 2001 drama is a good starting point for getting into David Lynch movies. It concerns a beautiful young actress who, after surviving a horrible car crash, suffers from amnesia and must try to unravel the mysteries surrounding her accident.  Strong performances by Naomi Watts and Laura Haring drive this highly accessibly film written and directed by Lynch.
  • "The Elephant Man."  This 1980 biographical film is also one of the more accessible David Lynch movies. Featuring an incredible performance by John Hurt, this film is based upon the true story of John Merrick, a Victorian era man who suffered from a deeply disfiguring disease.  The film is shot in black and white, but is otherwise fairly straightforward and accessible.
  • "Lost Highway." This 1997 flick is one of David Lynch's stranger movies. Starring Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette and Robert Blake, the film twists halfway through, changing characters and story as the protagonist descends into madness. This film is a great introduction to the surrealistic visuals and plot twists that are common in David Lynch movies.
  • "Blue Velvet."  This odd 1986 film remains one of my favorite David Lynch movies. A dark, surreal film noir experience featuring Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern, "Blue Velvet" tells the story of a man who inadvertently stumbles into a murder and kidnapping conspiracy and becomes surrounded by strange people.
  • "Eraserhead." Arguably the strangest cinematic experience among David Lynch's movies is the 1976 surrealistic nightmare "Eraserhead," which is why we have saved it for last on this list. Watch the film, then join the discussion that's been raging for 30 years as to what it all means. After making it through "Eraserhead," you can feel well-prepared for any David Lynch movies that might be unleashed in the future.
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