How To Get A Decent Job In Seattle

It is hard to know how to get a decent job in Seattle these days.  But you have to remember that, even though you have other competitors that are aiming at the same jobs as you do, it is possible to get a decent job. No matter where you are at right now, keep thinking positive thoughts.

  1. Get some ideas by talking to people who know if there are any job openings. Just by asking around, you can find some good leads. Some people can give you some job ideas and places to apply to when you ask.
  2. Go to the library and look up companies that you would like to work at. Libraries offer ways of finding information, which is one of the ways to get a decent job in Seattle. Check out the reference books on certain occupations to give you some ideas of who to contact for decent jobs.
  3. Whenever you go to a business, ask if they are currently hiring.  For example, clothing stores are good for people who love clothes, and you get paid to work there.
  4. Go online and network with people whether they are in the same occupation or not. There are online forums and message boards where people can connect with each other which is one of the ways to get a decent job in Seattle. If there is a forum that you are active on, you could see previous posts of what people say about jobs that you might be interested in doing.
  5. Ask people if they know someone who works where you want to work. One of the best ways to get a decent job in Seattle is by getting a reference from someone who works there, since you could get your foot in the door. In most cases, you would get the job since either you know them or someone you know knows them. But remember to list the name of someone that works there on your resume if they ask. 
  6. Network with people in your local area for possible job leads. Sometimes, it is better to get leads from people in your local area since they live nearby, which is one of the ways to get a decent job in Seattle. You never know if someone next to you works on a dream job that you want.
  7. Fill out applications at places that will hire people in the near future. It is time consuming and something that most people don't like to do, but it is one of the ways to get a decent job in Seattle. Even though they may not be currently hiring at the moment, they would be able to contact you if you give them your application or resume with your contact information.
  8. After you are done with the interview, send a handwritten thank you note. Send within a day or two after the interview. By doing that, the potential employer will remember you and might end up giving you the job instead of someone else.



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