How To Get Definition In Your Back With Exercise

You're in luck if you want to learn how to get definition in your back with exercise. Your core, meaning your chest, back and abs, is your stabilizing muscles. This means that they get a secondary workout with a lot of other workouts you do for other areas of the body. A strong back is vital in you being able to complete a number of exercises well. There are exercises out there that are specifically designed for you to get definition in your back. You'll notice, after you begin to master these back routines, that you'll be able to handle lots of other exercises where the back's involved. Let's get some definition in your back with exercise.

  1. Pushups. Yeah, push ups are thought of as a tricep and chest exercise, but your lat muscles in your upper back get a hell of a workout if you're doing your pushups right. You should be going all the way down and pushing yourself all the way up. This is one of the better ways to get definition in your back just using your body weight.
  2. Chin ups. This is another way of using your own body weight to get definition in your back. The underhanded version of this exercise focuses more on building back muscles then developing your arms. Your lower back will be busy stabilizing you while your upper back will benefit from the repetitions of the pull ups.
  3. Back and hip extensions. There's a multitude of variations to these exercises that focus on building the definition in your lower back. You can either use your own weight, or hold a weight to your chest while you do the back extensions. All you're doing is bending over, with some sort of stabilizer at your waist to keep you from falling. Then you return to the started, erect position. Be careful not to over extend on the way back up. The hip extension is a simple maneuver to pull off. Get in the sit up position. Instead of lifting your upper body in the sit up fashion, lift you crotch area towards the sky. You can also add a weight to increase the difficulty of this exercise.
  4. Rows. These are probably the best exercises for getting definition in your upper back simply because of the number of variations to this exercise. There's seated cable rows with hand grip variations that work out the back at different angles, there's different machines that simulate the row, and theres rows with dumbells and a bar where you're slightly bent over pulling the weight to your midsection. All of the the rows help in building definition in your back muscles.
  5. Lat pull downs. These simulate chin ups and have the same effect on your lat muscles in the upper back. You can add or remove weight until you reach a desired resistance. You need to pull the bar down bellow your chin to complete a full rep. This is a solid way to build definition in your back muscles.
  6. Cardio. If you're having a hard time seeing your back muscles after performing these exercises for a while, incorporating cardio as a means to eliminate more fat from your system. This will help you to see the definition in your back muscles. As always, aerobic cardio workouts are more effective with cutting through the fat than anaerobic. You'll know you're at an aerobic rate if you can breathe steadily while completing the cardio. If you're panting and gasping for breath, you're working too hard. Try doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardio every time you work out, which should be between 5 and six times a week if you can manage it.
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