How to Get Dents Out of Cars

 There are a lot of different theories on tow to get dents out of cars. The type of dent will determine the technique needed for the dent removal.  For the more complicated repairs, you will likely need to take your car to a repair shop. For more minor dents you can usually fix them yourself.

Items needed to get dents out of cars:

  • Toilet plunger
  • Bondo
  • Bondo hardener
  • Spatula
  • Sand paper
  1. Make a detailed inspection of the vehicle to be repaired. Write down the dimensions of each dent.
  2. Using the information gathered, determine if the damage is too complicated to attempt on your own.  Hail damage is an example of damage that is fairly easy to repair; the kind of damage sustained by wrapping a car around a light pole is probably left to an expert.
  3. Purchase the supplies you will need. Take your list of damage dimensions with to the part store. You will need the information to calculate how much of each item you need.
  4. Wash the vehicle being repaired. Debris on the car will prevent a good seal with the plunger as well as the Bondo.
  5. Take the toilet plunger, place over dent and apply pressure. Quickly pull plunger off of the car. The suction created will pop the dent out. Repeat for all dents on car.
  6. After all of the dents have been treated with the plunger fill the remaining dents with Bondo with the spatula.
  7. Once the Bondo dries, sand it smooth, apply a primer to protect the vehicle until you can paint it.


When at the parts store, do not be afraid to ask for help buying the supplies you need for getting dents out of cars. Most of the sales staff will be able to help you get the right amounts.

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