How To Get The Devil Costume In ‘Little Big Planet’

If you want to know how to get the devil costume in the "Little BIg Planet" video game then you are going to have to work for it. Don't worry, if you are willing, and ready to use up some of your precious gaming time in order to find the parts you can have a full devil costume on your poppet in no time at all. Just be aware that you may need multiple plays of the target level in order to achieve this little feat. 

  1. Get to The Frozen Tundra level. You will find it in the Wilderness section of the game.
  2. Once you are there, beat the level. On this initial run you may get some of the parts that you are looking for in order to complete this look. The pieces you will need go something like this: Devil trousers, red devil skin, red horns, red dress and devil tail. You will need all of these, so if you did not find them all on the first run replay the level. Be sure to look high up (on top of things) and below in order to find what you need. Everything is there, just keep looking. Just bear in mind that in order to get some of these you will have to pop your poppet to get out again, so be judicious in your deaths.
  3. Now go back to the control booth. Here you can dress up the poppet. Begin by applying the devil skin to your poppet. Then dress it with the pants, the dress, the tail and the horns. Now, you have a Little Big Planet devil ready to play. Save the poppet and your game.
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