How To Get Discover Card

If you want learn how to get a Discover Card, you can easily apply for one online.  There are several types of Discover Cards you can choose from and after you choose the card type, you can fill out and submit the application.  It takes little time to apply to get a Discover Card. 

  1. Select a Discover Card to apply for.  Go to the Discover website and choose one of the credit cards you want to apply for.  For example, you can apply for a cash back or airline miles card.  After you select the card type, the online application will open.
  2. Enter your contact information.  Start the application by entering your contact information, including your name, address, and home telephone number.
  3. Fill out the employment section of the application.  Choose your employment status and then enter your employment details.  Make sure to include how long you have worked for this employer and the employer's telephone number. 
  4. Enter your financial information.  Enter your combined household income and how much you pay each month for your home rental or mortgage.  Specify whether or not you have a checking or savings account.
  5. Select your Discover Card design.  Click the Discover Card design you like.  You can choose a standard design or something more colorful, such as the card with the island design.
  6. Decide if you want to add an authorized user to your account.  If you want to issue a Discover Card to someone else, enter the user's first and last name. 
  7. Choose whether or not you want to transfer a balance.  If you want to transfer a balance from one credit card to the Discover Card, check the box next to "Yes! I want to transfer a balance to this Discover Card."  You will be asked for this information after you finish your Discover Card application.
  8. Enter security information for the Discover Card.  Enter your Social Security Number and your mother's maiden name.
  9. Submit your Discover card application.  Click the orange "Submit" button to submit your application. 
  10. Enter the balance transfer information.  After you submit your application, you will be asked to enter the balance transfer information if you chose to transfer a balance.  Enter the credit card type, account number and amount you want to transfer and click "Submit." 


  • Make sure you read the Discover Card agreement before submitting your application.  If you aren't comfortable with the APR or balance transfer rate, then you may want to consider applying for a different card.


Discover Card

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