How To Get Dry Bowser In Mario Kart Wii

Learning how to how to get Dry Bowser in "Mario Kart Wii" is the key to Mario Kart domination. Any real Nintendo racing lover will tell you that Mario Kart is a game that is truly not beaten until every single character, cart, and track is unlocked. If you set your sites on unlocking Dry Bowser, you will be on your way to accomplishing this task. Getting this character is certainly not easy, but with a lot practice, and a few helpful hints, you will have a great head start. 

  1. To unlock Dry Bowser you will need to play "Mario Kart Wii" in "Grand Prix: mode at the "150cc" level. Only by placing in first, second, or third in each cup and finishing with an A rating or better can you unlock Dry Bowser.
  2. Race and place in the top three in the "Mushroom", "Flower", "Banana" and "Shell" Cups. Finishing in the top three will enable you to unlock more cups.  You will also need to focus on finishing each cup with a driver rating of at least an "A". 
  3. As you finish in on of the top three places, you will start to unlock the "Star" cup, "Leaf" cup, "Lightning" cup, and "Special" cup. Unlocking each cup is dependent on finishing in one of the top three places of a previous cup. 
  4. To get Dry Bowser in "Mario Kart Wii", you will need to focus on finishing in third place or better in all the cups, except for "Lightning" and
    During these last two cups, you will only need to focus on obtaining a driver’s rating of "A" or better. 
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