How To Get Enemies In Far Cry 2

Before starting the game proper, you might be wondering how to get enemies in Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 is an open-world first-person shooter set in Africa. This sandbox style game relies very heavily on a mission based system. Enemies come in either human form or in the form of some animal that you accidently shot and is now trying to maul your face. Being a game based on factions, Far Cry 2 allows you to pick your friends or enemies. While these decisions may be tough, figuring out the best faction to choose, and by relation who your enemies will be, is a personal choice in Far Cry 2.

  1. Do faction missions. When you start out in Far Cry 2, everybody wants you dead. You step out of a building only to be pelted from all sides by anything with a gun. As you progress, you meet the different factions and become able to do missions for them. Faction missions are the best way to make both friends and enemies in Far Cry 2. With each quest completed, your reputation with the faction that you helped goes up while the opposite faction's reputation plunges into the toilet. The more you are hated by the opposite faction, the more they will try to kill you. Completing these faction missions is the easiest way to make enemies while progressing the story as well.
  2. Kill Everything. If you are in the mindset that both factions can take a flying leap off a short pier, go rogue and slaughter everyone. Your reputation will take a noise dive for each member of a faction killed, which makes this the best way to make enemies in Far Cry 2. Only do this if you do not care about either faction and just want to mess around in the open-world. Usually this is saved for when you finish the game and are extremely bored.

Whichever way you choose, it is guaranteed that someone will hate you in Far Cry 2. Making enemies is quite easy and inevitable.

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