How to Get an Erection Fast


Want to know how to get an erection fast? It happens to us all at one time or another. If you need t oget ready for sex in just a few minutes, read on to find out how to get an erection fast.


1. Let it go. If you’re having trouble getting an erection on occasion, it is likely due to stress and anxiety in your life. Try to relax your body and don’t tense up all of your muscles. Sexual arousal when you’re ready to jump out of your skin is not going to happen. Give yourself a mental health break and calm way down.

2. Forget about an erection. Just the fear and stress from not being able to become erect can work against you. Totally forget you are trying—in fact, stop trying to get an erection. Tell yourself it’s not going to happen now and that’s all right.

3. Fantasize about it. Once you’re completely relaxed and have totally forgotten about getting an erection, slowly begin to immerse yourself in your sexiest fantasy. Close your eyes if you have to. Think of whatever situation or dirty talk really turns you on—it’s different for virtually everyone. It’s private, so don’t worry about exposing yourself. Be as creative as you like with your fantasies.

4. Body stimulation is next. Once you’re relaxed, stress free, and well into your most forbidden fantasy, body stimulation by yourself or your partner can add to the entire experience and can cause an erection to occur.

We all have erectile dysfunction at some time in our lives – whether it’s sooner or later. It’s not always possible to get an erection fast. Don’t sweat it because these things happen. Relax, follow these steps and allow an erection to occur naturally. If it doesn’t happen today, there will be other occasions for sexual intercourse. If you have chronic erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor about options that may be available for you.

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