How To Get Europe Permanent Residence Permit

So you’re considering moving to Europe – or have already made that move – and are now wondering how to get a Europe permanent residence permit. After all, it would make life a heck of a lot easier, and would cut away a significant amount of the red tape that foreigners experience when renewing their residency permits year after year. Here is some good advice on how to get a Europe residence permit. 

  1. Live in Europe legally for five years. The most common way to get a European permanent residence permit is to reside in the same country for an extended period, which is five years in most European nations. Normally, after re-applying for your residency permit during your fifth year, you will be offered the chance to apply for permanent residency.
  2. Be fluent in your adopted country’s language. Some, but not all European nations will require you to sit through a language exam before being granted permanent residency. Knowing the native language is sometimes key to getting a Europe permanent resident permit. 
  3. Present proof of accommodation for you and your family. This is another requirement that those wondering how to get Europe permanent resident permits often forget about. A contract for an apartment will usually do.
  4. Pay taxes and have the means of proving it. Before being awarded permanent residency status, most countries will require you to prove that you have been paying taxes on your income for the last five years. Your tax accountant should be able to provide you with this document and further advise you on how to get a Europe permanent resident permit.


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